Whiners, wankers & other elitist pricks….


Just woke up from an amazing night in Quebec city.

Guns N’ Roses were in top form, and delivered the goods like they usually do.

But this not what I want to talk about this morning!  While I was driving back from Quebec city, I was reading the critics of the show in local newspapers on my phone.  Cause you know,  all journalists wants to be the first in line to tell what they think about the show they just went to see.  So I read 2….and that was it for me.  I was literally fuming!

First of all.  Let me say that I hate festival goers.  They usually pay basically nothing to see great bands, and, even though it’s almost free,  still whine!  If it was only that, it would be ok.  But city festivals around the world gathers people from various musical horizons, so basically, they are not “fans”.  They just know “some songs”.  Basically, just the hits.  So when the band in front of them doesn’t play the hit they know….well they whine!  

Last night, 75 000 people gathered in Quebec city.  And a fast look around, makes you realize that people around you, don’t know the songs….and think that a top hat man will come up on stage, only to realize that the top hat man left the band 18 years ago!  Not couple of years ago….18 years ago!

I would tell them to wake up, and smell some coffee.  1992 is far gone!

Problem is in Montreal and in the province of Quebec, a lot of people are still mad at what happened 21 years ago.  And still thinks Axl left the stage in Montreal while having a finger in the air, and saying “Fuck You Montreal”.  There’s no bigger urban legend than this.  It’s Axl’s  own “Jim Morrisson’s  cock showing”  that never occured!  People like to believe he did it…but never did.  So Axl, whatever he does, will have 2 strikes against him!  Having 2 strikes against you, doesn’t put you far from being struck out…1 false move, and he’s out!  That is exactly what happened last night.  Because don’t get fooled,  so called experts are music fans, and they probably are like other random music fans.  They believe what they read years ago, without doing any research.  And just without knowing!

Last night was a great night.  Hits, after hits, after hits.  But that wasn’t enough.  They wanted more hits….More hits?

Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Rocket Queen
4tus Solo
Live And Let Die
This I Love
Dizzy Solo
Catcher In The Rye
You Could Be Mine
Dj Solo
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Another Brick In The Wall
November Rain
Bumble Solo
Don’t Cry
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

The Seeker
Paradise City

How can someone possibly say that the beginning of the show was “hitless”.  “It’s so easy” is a well known song.  “Mr. Brownstone” too, “Estranged” was a MAJOR hit, probably one of the biggest hit they ever had, “Rocket Queen” is a fan favorite…..So I don’t know how can you possibly say that without showing to the world how biased your opinion is!

Another reproach that I usually hear is that the show looses his pace when guitar solos are played.  First of all, those are NOT guitar solos.  They are songs played by each individual members.  Again, Axl has 2 strikes against him.  If the band members are not put up front,  whiners will say right away that this band is a cover band.  If he does put them up front, wankers will say that the solos are long and unnecessary.  In both ways, they loose.  I remember the days when people weren’t complaining while a Godfather theme was played…..time changes hey?

And should I really comment on people saying that Guns N’ Roses members are “hired guns” ?  Oh well…I’ll do it anyways.  Tommy Stinson is the bass player that was in the band the longest now….Same thing with Richard Fortus.  As for Dizzy Reed, he was there since the begining of the nineties.  

To finish, let me say this:  Would you like Axl Rose not happy with a band that was once great, or happy with a band that is still great?

And to those whiners, wankers and elitist pricks, let me say you this, by taking Axl’s own word:
You talk to much, you say I do….difference is nobody cares about you!

Truly yours!



Happy birthday “Appetite for destruction”


On this day today, 25 years ago, one of the greatest Rock N’ Roll album of all time was released!  

The first time I listened to it I was hooked like millions!

Congrats to all people that was involved in that amazing album, and happy 25th birthday “Appetite for destruction”!

My Rock in Rio dream set list…..

I was talking with a lot of gunners these days, and the Rock in Rio set list is always appearing in the conversation.  Well I tried to do a set list that I think would blow my mind.  Actually, I think it would be a great set list…but of course, since all the GnR songs are amazing (well for me anyways), you have to let go some and to put some inside the set list!.  The set lst of past tours were amazing, don’t get me wrong, but a little change would do something special.  No?  I think Rock in Rio should have a set list of his own.  Ure okay with that?  😉

So here’s my set list.  28 songs.  28 amazing songs.  What do you think about it?

Chinese Democracy


You could be mine

Welcome to the jungle

Ain’t it fun?

This is love



Double talkin’ jive

Live and let die

Think about you

November rain

Don’t damn me

Rocket queen

Sweet child o’ mine

Out ta get me

Street of dreams

Pretty tied up

Back off bitch


You’re crazy


Catcher in the rye





Paradise city

I found the pic on top of my blog here:



Bumblefoot takes care of bullshit!

For those of you who knows me better, you all know that I never post on my blog, RUMOURS, FALSE tour dates, false news etc.  It would bring more people to look at my blog for sure, but I don’t care.  Like it is said on my blog:


The fact of the matter is that I love Guns N’ Roses.  Why should I post UNverify things, and unverify rumours just to make myself more of an internet coolness?  Fuck that.  If you want some rumours, some bullshit, there are plenty of sites that are WAY better than me.  on my blog, it is only VERIFY stuff, and it will stay that way.  And today, Bumblefoot on Twitter decided to make himself clear and simple about false rumours and false infos.  Thanks Ron for being such a class act and being there for us!  We support you!


On Thursday 24th February 2011, @bumblefoot said:

OK, here’s the deal with all the GNR rumors. Some trolls tried to get attention by starting rumors, as they had seen others get. I called a few out on it personally, smacked ’em down and their panties are still all bunched up over it, so they’ve been going to different GNR fansites, they create an account with an IP scrambler, post these fake stories, and then disappear. They’re 1) trying to get me back for bruising their ego, 2) they’re trying to mindfuck the *real* GNR fans and make them lose faith in the band and bandmembers they’ve gotten to know over the years, 3) they saw someone else get a lot of attention in a similar scenario recently, and want some attention themselves, from fans, and from me.

All they want to do is hurt the fans and the band. All the credible GNR fansites see it and have been deleting the silly posts by their own choice. Don’t buy into it. Don’t stand for it. And don’t believe a WORD of it. If the people spreading this would like to come forward and show who they are, I’d be happy to bring them into a courtroom with a libel suit, and if they can prove their statements to be true I’ll cover all costs and whatever else. But that wouldn’t happen because every word of it is made up and that’s why they don’t stick around and remain in hiding.

To any news sites that spread the rumors without fact-checking, that’ll post anything any sociopath makes up and give it a platform, you need to do better.

To sum it up, I have a life, you have a life, these particular trolls don’t – they’re just trying to tear us both down, because they’re bitter.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) Don’t give these people power, and don’t do nothing. Find out who they are, and hold them personally accountable for fucking with you and the band.

OK, back to making music, loving my band, my family, the fans, and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as possible. 🙂


Guns N’ Roses WILL NOT REUNITE!!!!!!And that is PERFECT like this!

I am posting that because I am fed up!


Since the super bowl, where we saw an ex Guns N’ Roses member  make a fool out of himself, some web sites (i won’t name and link you there because I don’t wanna make publicity for them) just started saying that negociations were starting to bring the original line-up of Guns N’ Roses back together for the next Super Bowl.  That those negociations were under way, and that people were really interesting in this….




For the people believing that Axl and that ex-guitar player will get back together…well think again.  IT WILL NEVER happen.  NEVER.  And why should those two get back together?  Give me one reason why. The only reason they would get back together is $$$$$$.  Of course, the ex-player would take the cash….THAT is for sure.  We saw what he did at the Super Bowl..But Axl don’t need no money.  He has plenty, and I don’t believe one second that he would do the whore just to get some more money. He will leave that to somebody else.


And musically…why in the hell some people want to see the original line-up?  Once in awhile, YES, it is nice to see Duff, Izzy,playing some old tunes for the fun of it with the current line-up.  It was fun seing Izzy in 2006 rocking some tunes with Axl, and it was fun to see Duff rocking You could be mine last year.  Personnally, I would love to see Steven banging his drums on Rocket queen once in awhile..Just for fun.  That would be cool for fans, and of course for STeven.  Steven deserve to have fun for a couple of nights, and play to big crowd once more.  But to play with Sla$h?  Nahhhh….  The current line-up is AMAZING.  We have super musicians that blow the minds of everybody that saw the band live!  People who wanna see the original line-up didn’t see the current line-up live, OR are living in the past.  Living with the impression that the good old days were better than the days we are now.


I am asking myself WHY we would wanna see some guys that don’t wanna be together on the same stage anymore? WHY?  Forget the “good ol’ days”, and live in the present people.  Some GREAT things happened in the past few years for Gunners fans.  A GREAT CD, GREAT shows around the world etc etc.  What would people gain in seing 2 guys hating each other pleying together?  NOTHING AT ALL!


Some people say to me that it is inevitable.  That we will see the original line-up one day.  I don’t believe it one single bit.  I don’t believe it, and I don’t wanna see it happen.  Guns N’ Roses now has never been better live, and we should leave it like that.  Not only that, but I don,T think I ever saw Axl so happy to play live, and so happy to be surrounded by his band mates.  JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!  Axl is not close to the idea of inviting ex members to join him onstage.  He said it before.  BUT ONLY ONE AT A TIME, AND NOT SLASH!


Axl has all my respect to stay focus on his band, and not to live in the past.  Past is past.  Look in the future, and leave the past where it is.    Robert PLant don’t wanna reunite Led Zeppelin…GREAT.  Leave Led Zeppelin where it is.  Those 2 have all my respect.  Reuniting a band that was once good just for the money is NOT what I call a rock n’ Roll attitude.


I call it being a whore, plain and simple!

Guns N’ Roses and Duff as a guest on You could be mine

Guns N’ Roses and Izzy Stradlin as a guest on Nightrain