Appetite for Democracy in Las Vegas!

Guns N’ Roses annouced today that they will take Las Vegas by storm, with a 12 shows residency from October 31st, to November 24th at the Hard Rock Hotle and casino!.

That is great news!!!!

After the India dates, the new Vegas dates makes total sense.

I am sure soon, there will be an annoucement by the band regarding new years eve…..

Just keep in mind that an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away!

Here are the Vegas date

October 31st 2012 SOLD OUT

November 2nd 2012 SOLD OUT

November 3rd 2012 SOLD OUT

November 7th 2012 SOLD OUT

November 9th 2012 SOLD OUT 

November 10th 2012 SOLD OUT 

November 14th 2012

November 17th 2012

November 18th 2012

November 21st 2012

November 23rd 2012

November 24th 2012

Tickets for all these shows will be available this friday, at 10 AM


One response to “Appetite for Democracy in Las Vegas!

  1. well I wanted another bday with GN’R and I will have to go to Vegas to get it GN’R style,working on going to 11/10 show,Never have been but Axl is worth the first trip there,I hope all things go well so I can be there.!!SO HAPPY

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