Rotterdam Set list, pics and videos (June 4th 2012)

Sorry if this post is late.  AMAZING videos. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  Thanks to the uploaders!  Thanks again to for all the amazing pics and work!

Chinese Democracy 
Welcome to the Jungle  
It’s so Easy
Mr. Brownstone  
Rocket Queen  
Fortus solo/LALD  
This I Love  
Shacklers Revenge  
Motivation (Tommy’s Solo)
Band Introductions
Dizzy’s Solo Baba O’Riley/Street of Dreams
You Could Be Mine  
Dj’s Solo Ballad of Death
Sweet Child O’ Mine  
Jam (Brick)/Axl Piano Solo (Someone Saved My Life/Goodbye Yellowbrick Road)/November Rain  
Bumblefoot Solo Glad to be Here
Don’t Cry 
Civil War  
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door  

Jam/Paradise City  

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