May 11th 2012 @ Live Stadium, Moscow Russia

Yes ladies and gentlemen.  Finally the time has come.  Guns N’ Roses will invade again Europe for a cool looking new tour!  Starting this tour is Moscow.  Here is a little text where they explain what Live Stadium is.  It is translated from Russian….so bare with me about it.  I am sure there is a lots of mistakes….since it is translated from my computer.  

For those of you going there.  HAVE FUN, BE SAFE, AND PARTY HARD!

150 kW first-class sound

Bar counter with a length of the stadium

9000 m2 of pure pleasure

The unique space, equal to the capacity of the Palace of Sports “Luzhniki” and superior «Crocus City Hall», that is, able to compete with not only the biggest clubs of the city, but also concert halls and sports facilities. The site is located near one of the most powerful traffic arteries of the city – Leningrad Prospect. In the near future, next to the hall will come into effect convenient transportation. Hall is in walking distance from subway station “Sokol” – only five minutes walk away.

The project area includes a new VIP-zone for more than 600 seats. Cuisine restaurant is located right next to the VIP-zone, visitors will not have to wait long for orders, and waiters – to wade through the crowd of dancers. Here – bar length of 140 meters.

Hall-transformer configuration involves a concert that combines seating and standing room, and all dance format, and theater seating in a chair, and opportunities for exhibitions and presentations. The large, easy access from the street Baltic suggests a rapid filling of the room and the lack of crowds at the end of the action. In addition, there is a convenient entrance from the scene, you do not wish to involve the audience in the installation and the unloading of equipment, that is, the public can rest in the hall after the concert as long as you want. Near the site there is residential homes, and therefore event organizers are not limited by time or noise. At the site works professionally trained security service. Arrangements for fire protection in the room taken at the serious level, firefighters say that the creators of the site even “reinsured.”

Despite the huge space, view of the scene never blocked load-bearing structures. In addition, the video of the hall has four large screen and lots of TV monitors. A situation where the viewer can not see anything impossible.

Concert events are planned with an intensity of not less than 12 events per month.Each of them is accompanied by a massive advertising campaign that includes billboards in Moscow, news partnership with TV and radio promotional campaign on the Internet.


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