February 12th, 2012 New York, NY @ Terminal 5

WOW!  I am fucking amazed of how this band sounds.  They are on top of their game, and, to tell you the truth, they are probably on top of ANAYTHING that happened in rock these past years!  Truly amazed by all the buzz surrounding them these days!

And you know whats cool?  THey are again playing in NY tomorrow night, at Terminal 5.  Anybody going?  Well have fun people!

Terminal 5 is a New York City music venue in Hell’s Kitchen, located at 610 West 56th Street, west of 11th Avenue. It has a multi-level event site with five distinct room environments. It has a capacity of 3,000 people.[1]

Alcoholic beverages are served during events and empanadas from Empanada Mama are available for purchase on the third floor. The venue is operated by The Bowery Presents, a group stemming from Bowery Ballroom.

The venue was formerly the nightclub Club Exit until its closure by the DEA in 2003.

The opening band for that show will be The Chelsea Smiles

PHOTO CREDIT: Fernando Lebeis


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