October 10th, 2011 Rosario, Argentina @ Salón Metropolitano SOLD OUT

Wow.  Yesterday’s show was a total killer!  Live audio stream, new inflatable stage decorations….everything went great!  Axl sounds like he was 25 years old, and the band is tight like as hell!  Hope you liked yesterday’s show, as much as I liked mine.  Some videos from that show will be posted on http://gnrworld.net/2011/10/08/la-plata-argentina-set-list-pics-videos/ as soon as they appear online.  Estranged is there already.  More to come later!

Tomorrow night, it’s in Rosario, Argentina, that the Gunners are rolling in.  Sold out shows are always great!



Rosario is the largest city in the province of Santa FeArgentina. It is located 300 km (190 mi) northwest of Buenos Aires, on the western shore of the Paraná River and has 1,159,004 residents as of the 2001 census [INDEC]. It is the third largest city in Argentina by its population with a growing and important metropolitan area. One of its main attractions includes the neoclassical architecture that has been retained over the centuries in hundreds of residences, houses and public buildings.

Rosario is the head city of the Rosario Department and is located at the heart of the most important industrial corridor in Argentina. The city is a major railroad terminal and the shipping center for northeastern Argentina. Ships reach the city via the Paraná River, which allows the existence of a 34 feet (10 m) deep port. The Port of Rosario is subject to silting and must be dredged periodically. Exports include wheatflourhaylinseed and other vegetable oilscornsugarlumbermeats,hides, and wool. Manufactures include flour, sugar, meat products, and other foodstuffs. The Rosario-Victoria Bridge, opened in 2004, spans the Paraná River, connecting Rosario with the city of Victoria across the Paraná Delta. Because it plays a critical role in agricultural commerce, the city finds itself at the center of a continuing debate over taxes levied on big-ticket agricultural goods such as soy.

Along with Paraná, Rosario is one of the few Argentine cities that cannot point to a particular individual as its founder. The city’s patron is the Virgin of the Rosary whose feast day is on October 7. The asteroid 14812 Rosario was named in its honour. 




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