My Rock in Rio dream set list…..

I was talking with a lot of gunners these days, and the Rock in Rio set list is always appearing in the conversation.  Well I tried to do a set list that I think would blow my mind.  Actually, I think it would be a great set list…but of course, since all the GnR songs are amazing (well for me anyways), you have to let go some and to put some inside the set list!.  The set lst of past tours were amazing, don’t get me wrong, but a little change would do something special.  No?  I think Rock in Rio should have a set list of his own.  Ure okay with that?  😉

So here’s my set list.  28 songs.  28 amazing songs.  What do you think about it?

Chinese Democracy


You could be mine

Welcome to the jungle

Ain’t it fun?

This is love



Double talkin’ jive

Live and let die

Think about you

November rain

Don’t damn me

Rocket queen

Sweet child o’ mine

Out ta get me

Street of dreams

Pretty tied up

Back off bitch


You’re crazy


Catcher in the rye





Paradise city

I found the pic on top of my blog here:



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