Download Tommy Stinson’s ‘It’s A Drag’



Great stuff here:  Rolling gives you the chance to download Tommy Stinson new song “It’s a drag” at this location

As the bassist in Guns N’ Roses and Soul Asylum, Tommy Stinson has had little time over the past decade to focus on his solo career.  But over the past five years, during downtime from touring with both of his bands, Stinson slowly began compiling material for his second solo LP One Man Mutiny, which hits stores on August 30th. The LP is being released on Stinson’s own label Done To Death Music, which meant that he had complete creative control over the project. “I’ve gone through enough labels to know that there’s not much they could offer me,” says Stinson. “This just makes more sense. I’m trying to utilize things like social media and just eke out a little niche for myself.” You can stream “It’s A Drag” above, or download the track for free right here.

Stinson cut the vast majority of album in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, but the title track came to life on a recent Guns N’ Roses tour. “We were having a little dispute within the ranks of the bus,” Stinson says. “Somebody had an issue with somebody  and there were some e-mails that went around and someone included me in the exchanges. It was like, ‘Man, don’t include me in your needs. I’ve got my own issues. I’m a one-man mutiny.’ That just kind of popped out.” When the tour hit Belgium, Stinson recruited GNR keyboardist Dizzy Reed and guitarist Richard Fortus to help him flesh out the track. “The hotel restaurant had a grand piano in it,” Stinson says. “They let us use it and it worked out really great.”

Stinson is playing at New York’s Bowery Electric on August 18th and August 25th, with more dates to come soon.




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