Brian May talk about Guns N’ Roses

In an interview in “Uncut Magazine” of April, Brian May talks Guns N’ Roses.  GREAT read!  ENJOY!


How did you get involved in the making of Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy album?

Can’t remember when I first met Axl [Rose], but we invited them to play the [1992] Freddie tribute. They did a fantastic job, and also donated a lot of money to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Subsequent to that, my solo band supported GN’R on tour and we got on very well. People think of Axl as difficult, but he was always very attentive to me. When they were making that album, after God-knows-how-many years, he was talking to [Queen’s old producer] Roy Thomas Baker, who was doing some production for them at the time, and they came up with the idea of contacting me to help them work out a direction. I flew out to meet him and he played me pretty much the whole album. We had a long night, talking, thinking, figuring out potential directions, and then I had a couple of days just trying things out. I think I played on two-and-a-half tracks, but they didn’t end up using my parts. They used about 10 guitarists subsequent to that! I have rough mixes of these tracks somewhere in my archive, but I’m not going to let anyone listen to them, out of loyalty to Axl! It was fun, to throw something in there to help out a friend.






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