This is odd……

ok, this is one of the strangest news I read in a long time.  I taught it was funny, so here ya go…. LOL

Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan is a fan of Justin Bieber.

The rocker is impressed by the Baby singer’s musicianship and thinks he puts on a great live show.

He said: “Do you know what? Justin’s a rocker. Man, he actually sings at his gigs, and the band’s a real band, and he plays drums and he’s great. Justin Bieber is a rocker for sure.”

The Velvet Revolver star discovered Justin’s music through his two daughters, 13-year-old Grace and 10-year-old Mae Marie – his children with his wife, swimsuit designer Susan Holmes.

And the 47-year-old rock star – who was notorious for his hard partying and drink and drug use before he got sober – has revealed he is happy to go and watch his girls’ favourite pop stars with them.

He added to NME magazine: “Grace is 13 and she finds new cool stuff and she’s into Justin Bieber. And I take them to every gig they want to go to”.





One of the best video of the last tour!

I had this video of SORRY on my computer favorites for quite some time now.  And I always wanted to slip it on my blog, cause that video is just fucking insane.  The whole song is perfect.  The video is almost perfect.

I love that song so much.  It is one of my favorite from Chinese Democracy.  The groove in it, the lyrics, the vibe of it in general.  I just wanted to let you guys know that.  This song is plain and simple AMAZING!

If you didn’t see that video just yet, it’s time to watch it, if you don’t know the song…you’re an idiot, and if you did watch that video, but wanna re watch it….Be my guest!


Thanks to Cotis for the amazing video!


You like to hurt me
You know that you do
You like to think
In some way
That it’s me
And not you
(But we know that isn’t true)

You like to have me
Jump an’ be good
But I… don’t want to do it

You don’t know why
I won’t act the way
You think I should

You thought they’d make me
Behave and submit

What were you thinking
‘Cause I don’t forget

You don’t know why
I won’t give in
To hell with the pressure
I’m not cavin’ in

You know that I
Got under your skin
You sold your soul
But I won’t let you win

You talk too much
You say I do
Difference is nobody cares about you

You’ve got all the answers
You know everything
Why nobody asked you
It’s a mystery to me

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell to
Or not to believe

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who you can trust now
Or you should believe
You should believe
You don’t know who you can trust now
Or you should believe

You close your eyes
All well an’ good
I’ll kick you ass
Like I said that I would

You tell them stories they’d rather believe
Use and confuse them
They’re numb and naïve

The truth is the truth hurts
Don’t you agree?

It’s harder to live
With the truth about you
Than to live with
The lies about me

Nobody owes you
Not one goddamn thing
You know where to put your
‘Just shut up and sing’

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell to
Or not to believe
I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You chose to hurt those that love you
An’ won’t set them free
Won’t set them free
You chose to hurt those that love you
An’ won’t set them free

You don’t need
Anyone else to be
Sorry for you
You’ve got no heart
You can’t see
All that you’ve done for me
I know the reasons
You tear me apart

Frank Ferrer’s band “Pisser” is welcoming new member……….and show tonight in NY

Frank Ferrer other band, “Pisser”  is welcoming Ron “bumblefoot” Thal on guitar.  Ron Thal will be the new lead guitarist of that killer band    GREAT FUCKING NEWS again!

Pisser’s band members are:

Lead Vocals and Guitar 

Drums and Percussion

Bass and Backing Vocals

Lead Guitar

They will be in New York city tonight, at The Drinking Bone!  Be there or be square!

Buy tickets for Rock in Rio NOW!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Rock in Rio.  Even if you have to travel, that show will be UNBELIEVABLE!

Here’s the link to buy tickets:

Happy Birthday Thunderchucker!

March 25th is the birthday of Guns N’ ROses extraordinaire drummer Frank Ferrer.  I wanna wish him a really happy birtday, from me personnally, and from all the readers of my blog.

All the best Thunderchucker!  You fucking rock!

Here’s a cool drum solo from our favorite drummer, and a cool interview he did last year!

Brian May talk about Guns N’ Roses

In an interview in “Uncut Magazine” of April, Brian May talks Guns N’ Roses.  GREAT read!  ENJOY!


How did you get involved in the making of Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy album?

Can’t remember when I first met Axl [Rose], but we invited them to play the [1992] Freddie tribute. They did a fantastic job, and also donated a lot of money to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Subsequent to that, my solo band supported GN’R on tour and we got on very well. People think of Axl as difficult, but he was always very attentive to me. When they were making that album, after God-knows-how-many years, he was talking to [Queen’s old producer] Roy Thomas Baker, who was doing some production for them at the time, and they came up with the idea of contacting me to help them work out a direction. I flew out to meet him and he played me pretty much the whole album. We had a long night, talking, thinking, figuring out potential directions, and then I had a couple of days just trying things out. I think I played on two-and-a-half tracks, but they didn’t end up using my parts. They used about 10 guitarists subsequent to that! I have rough mixes of these tracks somewhere in my archive, but I’m not going to let anyone listen to them, out of loyalty to Axl! It was fun, to throw something in there to help out a friend.