Tommy Stinson solo dates starts tonight

Don’t forget that the first of  5 shows from Tommy Stinson is tonight at

Thu., Feb. 17 – Arlington, VA at IOTA with Mike Gent (The Figgs)

Tickets are only 15$

So if you are near there, I’m sure it will be great!


He updated is web site and wrote this:

My Peoples,

It’s been too long since I updated this site. As of late I have been totally consumed with moving from Pennsylvania to New York state and rehearsing for upcoming shows in Arlington, Philly, New York, and Boston.

I didn’t even know why I said yes to the first show in NYC until I started putting a set together — then it felt like something I needed to do. I decided it had been way too long since I got out and played some of my own songs, even stripped-down, as these shows will be. These four shows will be just me, an acoustic guitar, a fiancée (Emily Roberts), with special guests/friends to play different shows. I will have a Figg (Mike Gent) in 3 of four cities, an uncle in-law (Chip Roberts), and a George Manney in Philly, and a Frank Ferrer in NYC. Should be a fun trip. Well, at least for me (hopefully).

I have been touring with GnR and Soul Asylum for so much of the last 4 years, that I nearly forgot I had amassed enough new material for a new record. So here goes — my first little romp through the tulips before putting out a new record. Gonna see how they stand up, or fall to pieces. Here are the dates and the cities and venues. Hope to see you there!

You can visit his website and download his new single at this address:





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