Guns N’ Roses WILL NOT REUNITE!!!!!!And that is PERFECT like this!

I am posting that because I am fed up!


Since the super bowl, where we saw an ex Guns N’ Roses member  make a fool out of himself, some web sites (i won’t name and link you there because I don’t wanna make publicity for them) just started saying that negociations were starting to bring the original line-up of Guns N’ Roses back together for the next Super Bowl.  That those negociations were under way, and that people were really interesting in this….




For the people believing that Axl and that ex-guitar player will get back together…well think again.  IT WILL NEVER happen.  NEVER.  And why should those two get back together?  Give me one reason why. The only reason they would get back together is $$$$$$.  Of course, the ex-player would take the cash….THAT is for sure.  We saw what he did at the Super Bowl..But Axl don’t need no money.  He has plenty, and I don’t believe one second that he would do the whore just to get some more money. He will leave that to somebody else.


And musically…why in the hell some people want to see the original line-up?  Once in awhile, YES, it is nice to see Duff, Izzy,playing some old tunes for the fun of it with the current line-up.  It was fun seing Izzy in 2006 rocking some tunes with Axl, and it was fun to see Duff rocking You could be mine last year.  Personnally, I would love to see Steven banging his drums on Rocket queen once in awhile..Just for fun.  That would be cool for fans, and of course for STeven.  Steven deserve to have fun for a couple of nights, and play to big crowd once more.  But to play with Sla$h?  Nahhhh….  The current line-up is AMAZING.  We have super musicians that blow the minds of everybody that saw the band live!  People who wanna see the original line-up didn’t see the current line-up live, OR are living in the past.  Living with the impression that the good old days were better than the days we are now.


I am asking myself WHY we would wanna see some guys that don’t wanna be together on the same stage anymore? WHY?  Forget the “good ol’ days”, and live in the present people.  Some GREAT things happened in the past few years for Gunners fans.  A GREAT CD, GREAT shows around the world etc etc.  What would people gain in seing 2 guys hating each other pleying together?  NOTHING AT ALL!


Some people say to me that it is inevitable.  That we will see the original line-up one day.  I don’t believe it one single bit.  I don’t believe it, and I don’t wanna see it happen.  Guns N’ Roses now has never been better live, and we should leave it like that.  Not only that, but I don,T think I ever saw Axl so happy to play live, and so happy to be surrounded by his band mates.  JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!  Axl is not close to the idea of inviting ex members to join him onstage.  He said it before.  BUT ONLY ONE AT A TIME, AND NOT SLASH!


Axl has all my respect to stay focus on his band, and not to live in the past.  Past is past.  Look in the future, and leave the past where it is.    Robert PLant don’t wanna reunite Led Zeppelin…GREAT.  Leave Led Zeppelin where it is.  Those 2 have all my respect.  Reuniting a band that was once good just for the money is NOT what I call a rock n’ Roll attitude.


I call it being a whore, plain and simple!

Guns N’ Roses and Duff as a guest on You could be mine

Guns N’ Roses and Izzy Stradlin as a guest on Nightrain




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