Chris Pitman & SexTapes

Today I will make happy a friend of mine in Japan, by talking a bit about Chris Pitman.


As you all know, Chris Pitman is the Keyboardist of Guns N’ Roses since 1998.  He came in as a second keyboardist along Dizzy Reed that is there since……the 1927….:)  He also fronts the Band SexTapes.  He has a cool website, that is very complete so you can follow his work in and out of Guns N’ Roses.  You can also buy SexTapes cd there.


He did a lot of collaboration along the way, like Dr.Dre, and others!


The world doesn’t turn only around Guns N’ Roses.  All the band  members have their own stuff, and it’s really important to follow their work and art…So buy and listen to them!


Chris Pitman official site:


SexTapes official site:


SexTapes official Myspace



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