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“Welcome to the jungle” threw the years (1986 – 2010)

This will be the fourth time I do a post “threw the years”.  Here is one of the best song that came out of Guns N’ Roses.  Welcome to the jungle is THE rock n roll hymn.  I don’t think that there is another song so full of energy and passion.  It is my favorite anyways, and I know that the Gunners fans around the world are loving it as much as I do.

Check out how that song evolved around the years, and see how much energy this song still has 25 years later!













Hope you enjoy it


US tour….who should be opening for Guns N’ Roses!?

I was thinking this morning if Guns N’ Roses would start a US tour this year, who should open for them this time?  Sebastian Bach is a GREAT opening act, but maybe it is time to pass it to somebody else?  Well maybe not, cause we know that Baz will release a new CD this year.  So probably Bach is a good choice.

But what other band should open for them?

I taught of couple of bands that would be good.  What about X Japan? X Japan is VERY big in Japan, but here in america, they are almost unknown.  They are releasing a brand new CD this year in USA.  And Richard Fortus played couple of times with them.  Would be a great match!

Another band that would be a great fit for the Gunners is probably Buckcherry.  Buckcherry is a GREAT fucking band, that suits right into what Guns N’ Roses is all about.  Great music, great attitude and great front man.  Another great fit for our Gunners!

What other bands out there can suit Guns N’ Roses.  Well I discovered a great band couple of weeks back.  I know that Axl met the lead singer in Paris at their accoustic gig at L’arc, so maybe there as been some discussions about that?  Who knows.  The band is called Pretty Reckless, and I think that the lead singer Taylor Momsen as a great future in Music industry.  So here’s another band that could easily open for them.

Another band that would be GREAT as an opening act, is SIXX AM.  I know I know, it would include to see DJ Ashba as an opening act for his own band, but hey…..SIXX AM was opening for Motley Crue, and Nikki Sixx is part of Mothley Crue AND SIXX AM.  So hey, everything is possible. SIXX AM opening for Guns N’ Roses, Life would be beautiful!

And my last choice (maybe later I will think of other bands), Pink would be great too.  I know I know.  You are gonna tell me that pink doesn’t fit with Guns N’ Roses.  Well think again.  I think it would be GREAT to see them together.  Rocker chick kick some major asses.  Pink and Guns N’ Roses!!!!!!A fucking blast!

Any idea of who should open for our own Gunners?

Tommy Stinson solo dates

As I did with DJ Ashba by promoting the new Sixx AM CD, here are the solo tour dates of Tommy Stinson.  Don’t be shy to show up to one of theses shows.

Thu., Feb. 17 – Arlington, VA at IOTA w/ Mike Gent (The Figgs)
Fri., Feb 18 – Philadelphia, PA at North Star Bar
Sat., Feb. 19 – New York, NY at City Winery w/ Jesse Malin (8pm & 11pm)
Sun., Feb. 20 – Boston, MA at The Church w/ Mike Gent

You can follow Tommy on Twitter here:!/tommy_stinson

Or check out his official website there:

Guns n’ Roses’s Mr.Brownstone over the years

As I did couple weeks back with Don’t cry and Nightrain, here is a little post about Mr. Brownstone over the years.  Pretty interesting to see how the song evolved with the different times, and different musicians.

Hope you guys like it, and hope that some cool news will pop out for us  in the GnR camp pretty soon.  Hope you all well!













New Bumblefoot song

This is taken from Bumblefoot official web site

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal has released the first of a series of singles, a punky guitar-virtuosic cover of the Four Tops’ 1967 Motown hit “Bernadette.”  The song was recorded in the weeks surrounding Ron’s first tour with GNR as their new guitarist in 2006.


The song is available in MP3 (320kps), AAC, and higher-quality formats FLAC, MP3 HD, Apple Lossless and WAV. An instrumental version of the song is also available in these formats.

For guitarists, a “Player Pack” includes a 12-page transcription of the entire lead guitar track (PDF file), accompanied by a ‘Backing Track’ version of the song (in both MP3 and WAV formats) with everything except the lead/solo guitar parts, so you can play along.

And for the studio-savvy, a “Producer Pack” of mix “stems” – six separate files of drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals and backing vocals that you can load into your multi-track software and play with levels, edit, and make your own mixes.


You can visit Bumblefoot web site at:

This is gonna fu%$ hurt!!!!!

You guys are gonna ask me…

Why do you talk about another band than Guns n Roses, in a blog dedicated to Guns N Roses….

Well Sixx AM is the other bandf of DJ Ashba.  And it is a fucking KILLER band.  Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Micheal are part of that band.  Their first CD, The heroin diaries soundtrack was an AMAZING cd.  I had it in my car for a long fucking time.   And I am very happy to tell you that the follow up will be released in May.

Can’t wait to check it out.  Before putting our hands on it, here is a little snippet of the cd here….