Merry X-Mas to all of you!

Since I don’t know if I will have time to send you guys my best wishes before Christmas, I will do it today.  I will update the blog on the 26th probably.

After this amazing year that’s been 2010, I wanna wish each and everyone of  the 44 435 people who checked out my blog since the beginning of the year a merry Christmas.  I hope that like me, 2010 was a year that braught you happiness and love.  Life is a balance between ups and downs.  I hope that it has been made more of ups than of downs.

Guns N’ Roses helped us with putting  a lot of ups in our life this year.  I hope that 2010 will forever be in you guys hearts as a great year!

Take some time on this day, to cherish love ones around you.  If you have kids, hold them tight, make them feel loved.  THat is the most important thing in life.  LOVE your kids.  You can’t love them too much.  That is my wish for you guys this Christmas.

As for Guns N’ Roses, I would like to take this opportunity  to thank each and everyone of the band members, for putting so much heart in their work.  I am sure they know that for a lot of us, Guns N’ Roses is not only just another band.  It is the best fucking band in the world.  It has been for the past 25 year or so, and for that, I can’t thank them enough.  I wanna wish Axl, DJ, Ron, Richard, Tommy, Frank, Dizzy, Chris, Beta, Fernando, Vanessa, Del and all the people surrounding the band and their family a very merry Christmas, and all the love you guys and gals deserve on this day!  You guys are very important in our lives!

Thanks to you, the reader of my blog.  It is  fun to do that blog, and I have a lot of cool feedbacks everyday. Makes it worth to pass some time on it!

See you on the 26th for some more GnR!

Merry X-Mas

Laurent and all his cool family, Caroline, Christopher, Maude, Alyson and baby Axl!


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Happy holidays from Axl!

Axl and GnR posted that letter from Axl on their facebook page!  Here it is:

I’d like to thank all our fans for coming out to the shows over the last year all over the world!! Was great to see you n’ to be able to perform for you!!

I’d like to thank our fans on the web, the fan sites, n’ all our fans on Twitter, Facebook n’ Myspace.

I’d like to thank the band, their families, The Sebastian Bach Band, Danko Jones, Murder Dolls, Korn, Imperial State Electric, Julianna Down, Gum X, Mucc, their crews, the TPB’s, Duff, our crew, production, staging, lights, sound, pyro, video, management, our business n’ legal team, my family n’ friends, the promoter’s, agents, catering, security, the shot girlz, drivers, our travel agents n’ the staffs at our hotels, trucking, airlines, flight crews, airport security, bus n’ transportation companies, everyone who chose to say or write a nice word about us, the venues n’ their staffs n’ security, the countries, cities n’ Customs all over the world, club owners, their staffs, club promoters, sponsors n’ all of our friends around the globe who helped make things happen!!

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas n’ Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah n’ a great Holiday Season to everyone!!

And from everyone with Guns N’ Roses:

All the best to you n’ your’s!!

Peace n’ Love,


A rare moment in the life of Guns N’ Roses

When I saw that this morning before breakfast, I almost chocked on my peanut butter toast!  I think I never seen Axl actually do that: “We are Guns N’ Roses and we are here for …….”  So I taught I would share that moment with you guys.  Enjoy that rare moment in the life of Guns N’ Roses! This is fucking Christmas in advance!

Axl Rose new interview conducted a brand new interview with Axl Rose.  It is pretty cool, cause we all know that Axl isn’t the guy who does too many interview.  So all the interviews he does are pretty cool and interesting.

Tou can read the interview here:

When Axl Rose and the boys burst onto the stage on Thursday night in Abu Dhabi, you could have already worked out that they were going to rock Abu Dhabi. What you couldn’t have known, was just minutes before they set the stage alight, legendary rocker Rose was sipping tea while chatting to tabloid!.

“We better get out there before they tear the house down,” said Rose tipping his head acknowledging the gathered crowd cranking up the volume.

“I’ll be blaming you. You know that,” he added as the entire group broke into laughter and headed off for the show.

According to his manager, Doc Mcghee, Rose has not given an interview for 14 years.

“I don’t know what you’ve done, but you did something right,” he said expressing his utter surprise that the red-haired singer was willing to talk.


The American rock star has been notoriously media-shy (read anti-media) since the implosion of the original band — the hitmakers behind seminal rock songs such as Sweet Child O’Mine and Paradise City. Rose even wrote the song Get in the Ring about his disgust for the media and all the lies he claims journalists and publications printed over the years.

But this week was different and as he politely asked for “any kind of tea” from a member of his crew, he settled into his chair and prepared to open up.

As with every good story there’s always a bit of drama. You see this story almost wasn’t told because while tabloid! knew Rose was in town, it was also made clear, initially, there would be no interview (as has been the case for the past 14 years).

You can therefore understand why a desperate chase across Yas Island (in flip flops) swiftly followed when “that'”call came in to say he said “yes”.

“There is a lotta rockin people out there,” said Rose looking almost nervous [replace the word rockin with any swear word to get the full effects of the interview]. “Oops, is it bad to say that?” he added before quickly changing the subject.

“I played in the Middle East once before,” continued Rose needing no prompt. “It was for about 50,000. It was insane. We’ve been trying to come play again since so tonight is gonna be wow. A lot of rockets and bombs. We’re excited we try to go all out,” he said ahead of the sell-out gig, the last of the Flash Entertainment-organised Yas Arena Show Weekends.


“For me one of the really cool things is I don’t have to get on at everybody in the band. Hey do this, do that, you know. Because they’re excited. Everybody takes a certain amount of pride in what they do. Plus they all get on at each other about it anyway. Everybody goes out there and tries to give everything they can. And we stay out there a couple hours more, you know, until we feel the

crowd is happy. Or until we feel like we’ve done a good job. It’s kinda like going to the gym or something, you know, you don’t leave until you feel like you’re supposed to.”

There’s a slight pause before all four members burst out laughing. “It’s just hard to get in the gym,” Rose eventually concedes. “Yeah they won’t let me smoke on the treadmill,” added guitarist DJ Ashba still laughing.

South America, Asia and just off the back of more than 40 gigs across Europe, Guns N’ Roses is off to Russia next saying the diversity of an audience never fails to amaze them.

“I think it’s a lot to do with the material from the past and a hell of a lot to do with the heart that was put into it then,” said Rose his fingers covered with giant rings, each with a new plaster covering the finger underneath.


“But if we weren’t putting the heart into it now, if I wasn’t putting my heart into it, the fans, they’re not gonna let me get away with it. We have to live up to something, have to work a bit harder because you’re living up to the legend or a myth or whatever,” he said, deep in thought. “It’s more pressure when you’re playing to live up to myth.”

Guns N’ Roses formed in 1985, a time when Rose insists things were very different when it came to restrictions regarding performances.

“In the club days, like ’88 and ’89, you could fall off stage and that was OK. Then it turned into I can’t dive off but other bands can. I’d be doing everything I can not to fall off. I always see the tape on stage. The glow in the dark tape on the edge. I remember when they didn’t have it at the LA Coliseum when we opened for The Stones. When the lights went down, I went down.”

Multi-cultural crowd

Stopping to listen to the fans getting progressively louder, Rose said he was looking forward to playing to a multi-cultural crowd.

“The diverse crowd aspect is actually the most interesting part for me because I think that pretty much sums up why the Guns catalogue has stood the test of time,” he said, still with an ear on the fans.

“It crosses genres, it crosses religious lines, you know. It’s music that people can relate to. That there is such a diverse crowd out there it makes it a lot of fun.”

Looking up from under the dark lenses of his aviators, Rose broke a smile. “We’ve crossed a few lines for certain,” he said. “And we’ll continue that.”

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates +Set list, pictures and videos+

That is it folks.  The 2010 Chinese Democracy tour is now over!  But I am sure we will see the gunners soon enough in a city near you.  Let’s hope we can get our asses kicked this year again!

Some video will pop up for sure soon, so I can post them ASAP.  The show was held in front of 25 000 people.

Thanks to Del James for those cool pics!


01. Chinese Democracy
02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. It’s So Easy
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. Sorry
06. Fortus Solo
07. Live and Let Die
08. This I love
09. Better
10. Rocket Queen
11. Band Intro / Dizzy Solo
12. Street Of Dreams
13. You could be mine
14. DJ solo
15. Sweet Child O’ Mine
16. Axl piano solo
17. November Rain
18. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal solo
19. Knockin’ On Heavens Door
20. Whole Lotta Rosie
21. Jam / Nightrain


22. Don’t Cry
23. Patience
24. Jam / Madagascar

25. Paradise city

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December 16th, 2010 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates @ Yas Arena

In 2 days, the Gunners will invade the United Arab United, as they will rock Abu Dhabi!  It will be VERY interesting to see how that concert will go.  Nothing will happen for sure, but just to see the Gunners play there will be awesome!

Yas Island (Arabic: جزيرة ياس‎) is an island in Abu Dhabi.

The island is the site of a US$36 billion development project by Aldar Properties. It occupies a total land area of 2,500 hectares, of which 1,700 hectares will be claimed for development. The island holds the Yas Island Circuit, which hosts the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since 2009. It will also feature attractions such as Warner Bros. Movie World, a movie theme park by Warner Bros, Ferrari World, hotels including Yas Marina Hotel, a water park, and Yas Mall, the Abu Dhabi destination retail development of 300,000 sq m retail area; links and parkland golf courses, lagoon hotels, marinas, polo clubs, apartments, villas and food and beverage outlets that will create a tourist destination.[citation needed]

Yas Island was named the World’s leading tourism project at the World Travel Awards in November 2009.

  • Ferrari World
  • Yas Marina
  • Southern Marina
  • Warner Bros. Theme Park
  • Yas Island Water Park
Entertainment venues
Residences and lodging
  • Yas Marina Hotel
  • Signature Hotel
  • Links Golf Course Hotel
  • Waterfront Beach Resort
  • Yas Hotel
  • Northern Villas
  • Beachfront Villas
  • Waterfront Apartments
  • Northern Marina Village
  • Yas Village
Leisure and other miscellaneous spots
  • Yas Mall
  • Links Golf Course
  • Northern Golf Course
  • Yas Village Town Center


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*Don’t cry* threw the years

Before the show in Abu Dhabi, heres a little post about Don’t cry.  It is the first song GnR wrote together. It was released on the Use your illusion cd, with Shannon Hoon as special guest on backing vocals.   From 1993 and 2006, it wasn’t played live.  in 2006, Bumblefoot started playing it as an accoustic solo, slowly, the band came out.  Then in 2007, Axl came out to sing it, and now, like the last video proves it, it is now a regular on the show, and one of the fans favourite song!  Here it is, Don’t cry threw the years!

Don’t cry video




1992 (with Shannon Hoon RIP)