Birmingham, UK @ LG Arena Set list, Pictures & videos

2 gigs in 2 nights make the blogger mad…lol  So here is the set list from last night show in Birmingham.  Some songs have been put aside, but all in all a great concert like always.  See you later tonight for the set list and pics of tonight show in Manchester.  Actually, I shouldn’t post anything about that gig, cause Manchester United sucks ass….But that is for another blog….hahahahaha…

01. Chinese Democracy

02. Welcome to the Jungle

03. It’s so easy
04. Mr.Brownstone
05. Sorry

06. Shacklers Revenge
07. Fortus solo / Live and let die
08. This i love
09. Rocket Queen

10. Dizzy Solo / Street of dreams
11. You could be mine

12. Dj Ashba solo / Sweet Child O mine

13. Axl Solo / November Rain

14. Ron solo / Knockin on heavens door

15. Nightrain

16. Madagascar
17. Whole Lotta Rosie

18. Paradise city

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