Long time no see brothers and sisters!

Yes, yes, yes.  It’s been a while since I last blogged here.  It was total mayhem here, so I really couldn’t post nothing.  I passed some crazy times over here, and now I think I got everything under control again.

I will keep yuou guys posted like before with everything you need to know about your favorite band.

Starting tomorrow, I will keep you updated with all there is to know.  Actually, tonight they played in Roma, where everything went amazingly good.  Actually, here is the set list of tonight show:

01-Chinese Democracy

02-Welcome To The Jungle

03-It’s So Easy

04-Mr. Brownstone


06-Richard Fortus Guitar Solo [James Bond Theme]

07-Live And Let Die

08-This I Love

09-Rocket Queen

10-Dizzy Reed Piano Solo [Ziggy Stardust]

11-Street of Dreams

12-You Could Be Mine

13-DJ Ashba Guitar Solo [The Ballad of Death]

14-Sweet Child O’ Mine

15-Axl Rose Piano Solo [Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Someone Saved My Life Tonight]

16-Jam [Another Brick in the Wall Part II]

17-November Rain

18-Bumblefoot Guitar Solo [Pink Panther Theme]

19-Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door




22-Paradise City

Tomorrow they are playing Milano, in Italy.

Come back tomorrow for everything you guys need to know.  All here in one single place!


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