important news about Guatemala show and rescheduled show

It is now official, the guatemala show that was supposed to take place on the 13th is now CANCELLED.  ANd after many attemps to reschedule the San Jose Costa Rica show, it is impossible to do so.

Here is the official statement by Axl twitter:

El Salvador ROCKED! The stadium felt like ancient Rome. Great crowd!! Unfortunately r show in Guatemala’s been cancelled. Attempts to substitute Costa Rica ultimatley weren’t successful which leaves 1 SHOW LEFT!

I am so sorry to hear that.  Many fans will be disapointed.  But I am sure that they will come back onme day to make up for this.

So the last show of this leg of the tour will be the 15th of April in San Juan, Porto Rico.  Since then I will try to do some stuff on the blog, and after the San Juan show, I will have a special something for all of you guys.

Thanks for following me here, and thanks to all the GnR sites that I follow everyday to put the news here.  Wich are:


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