Bogotá, Colombia @ Parque Jaime Duque :PICS, VIDEOS, and SET LIST!


01 Chinese Democracy
02 Welcome To The Jungle
03 It’s So Easy
04 Mr Brownstone
05 Sorry
06 Better
Richard Fortus Solo
07 Live And Let Die
08 If The World
09 Rocket Queen
Dizzy Solo
10 Street of Dreams
11 You Could Be mine
DJ Ashba Solo
12 Sweet Child O’ Mine
Axl Solo
13 November Rain
Ron Solo
14 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
15 Nightrain


16 Madagascar
17 Whole lotta Rosie
18 Patience
19 Paradise City

Here is a cool video of some footage from the show.  It is pretty good, and the sound is not bad at all.  Enjoy:

Not a lot of pictures surfaced from the show yet.  When I will find them , you will know….the same for the videos..;)


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