March 27th, 2010 Caracas, Venezuela @ Poliedro de Caracas

Show tonight bros and sistas.    I will do the live updates tonight.  Be ready to rock!

The Poliedro de Caracas (“Caracas Polyhedron“) is an indoor sporting arena located on the grounds adjacent to Hipodromo La Rinconada in Caracas, Venezuela. It was built by Nicolas Simon, a prominent builder from Venezuela.

It is housed beneath a Buckminster Fuller dome with a seating capacity of 13,000 and is used for concerts, sporting events such as basketball, ice skating shows, circuses, and trade expositions like Autoshows, expomuebles (furniture). Lately, it has also been used for government-sponsored political events.

It was finished in 1974. In that same decade, it was the stage of pop concerts by musicians such as Sergio Mendes and Eumir Deodato, among many others.

One of the main events that take place in the Poliedro schedule each year is the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant.


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