March 18th, 2010 Montevideo, Uruguay @ Estadio Centenario

Tonight, again, it is SHOW TIME. I am sure it will be a night to remember.  The south american tour is AMAZING so far don’T you think?

See you tonight for live updates….if the show starts early…if not, see you tomorrow!

Estadio Centenario is a stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay, used primarily for football. The stadium was built between 1929 and 1930 to host the 1930 FIFA World Cup, as well as to commemorate the centennial of Uruguay’s first constitution. It is listed by FIFA as one of the football world’s classic stadiums, along with the likes of Maracanã, Wembley Stadium, San Siro, Estadio Azteca, and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.[1]

The Uruguayan national team has always been a threat when playing in their home stadium, consistently beating top teams. Even the top ranked Brazil national football team has only managed 3 wins in 20 opportunities, although only one was an official match. Because of the Centenario’s location next to other smaller stadiums, when Central Español and Miramar Misiones play home matches simultaneously, one can watch all three games from the top of the Amsterdam stand.[2]


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