March 14th, 2010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Praça da Apoteose

WHat a great show that was last night.  I hope some of you gort the chance to see the live stream of it.  Even tho it was cutting often, WHAT AN AMAZING experience it was.  Thanks so much to all the people who made that possible, and to all the updaters, the pictures takers and everybody involved in this amazing night.

We have such an amazing fan basecommunity.  I am sure the gunsn roses fan community is the best in the world.  Thanks again!

TONIGHT, show again!


Apotheosis Square

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Apotheosis Square is a place in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

This construction has a dual role: In addition to serving for parades and determination of the samba schools and various shows during the year is used as a school that works in the boxes.
[1] [1]

. Among other international artists have gone there: Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Hillsong, Avril Lavigne, Pearl Jam, Santana, Jack Johnson, Nirvana, the festival Hollywood Rock, Iron Maiden, Raidohead, Elton John, Coldplay and Guns N ‘Roses.

Among other national artists have Diante do Trono, Xuxa, Kelly, and this is the place used for an event intended for children, called “the arrival of Santa Claus” in Rio de Janeiro.

Built entirely with materials pre-made, it took only 4 months to complete.


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