March 7th, 2010 Brasilia, Brazil @ Ginesio Nilson Nelson

Back to our normal stuff.  South american starts HERE:

The Jornalista Nilson Nelson Sports Hall, formerly the Presidente Medici Sports Hall, can be found in the Brazilian capital Brasilia, and is part of the Ayrton Senna Sports Complex. This 16,600-capacity venue is situated between the Mane Garrincha stadium and the Buriti Palace – seat of the Federal District (DF) government.

Officially opened in 1973 and run by the aforementioned DF government, the arena is used for a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events including concerts. The surrounding outdoor area is also one of Brasilia’s main sites for road-safety education.

Brazil’s national futsal team have already played a number of friendly encounters at this stadium, notably a game against world champions Spain in 2005 and two against Argentina in 2007. It has also been a host venue for the World Volleyball League.

opening act:  Sebastian Bach


01 – Intro (2006)
02 – Chinese Democracy
03 – Welcome To The Jungle
04 – It’S So Easy
05 – Mr. Brownstone
06 – Sorry
07 – Better (DJ got off, down the stage in Better)
08 – Richard Fortus Solo
09 – Live And Let Die
10 – If The World (DJ smoke the cigarette that was thrown up there)
11 – Rocket Queen
12 – Dizzy Piano Solo
13 – Street of Dreams
14 – Scraped
15 – DJ Ashba Solo
16 – Sweet Child O Mine
17 – You Could Be Mine (Formula 1 images on the video screen)
18 – Jam (Another Brick in the Wall)
19 – Axl Piano Solo
20 – November Rain
21 – Bumblefoot solo (Pink panter)
22 – Knockin on heavens door
23 – Shacklers Revenge
24 – Patience
25 – Nightrain
26 – Madagascar
27 – Paradise City


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