Happy times for me and Montrealers!

Wow. Here is the time we all been waiting for. After 18 years, Guns n Roses will finally be playing in Montreal. You guys can’t really feel how I feel right now. Yes probably some of you do, but for the most part, you don’t. I was there 18 years ago at the Olympic stadium. I was in the crowd that was SO pissed off. But hey….who am I to judge the way entertainers feel some random night?

I was 19 year old. I went with my then girlfriend to the show. Excited like a motherfucker, I arrived at the stadium so fucking pumped, but sooner than later, realized that it was gone. The feeling I felt that moment the lights went on was unforgettable. I never forgot that feeling I had. I was pissed, saddened and felt abandoned. Before that night, I saw them in 1988 opening for Iron Maiden at the Montreal Forum. So in 1992, it was THE moment I was waiting for for so long. Everything went wrong that night. EVERYTHING.

After the show, I walked 10 miles accompanied by my girlfriend at the time. I was crying like a baby all those 10 miles. When I arrived home, I listened to the news all night long from the radio. Cause at the time, 24 hours news channel didn’t exist here in Quebec. So I was listening to the radio, and felt betrayed. I don’t think I can explain exactly the feeling I had.

But my love for the band didn’t went down a bit. It grew even more on me. For some people, Mozart is a brilliant composer. For others, Johann Sebastian Bach is. But for me, Axl Rose is. Axl ROse is a brilliant composer, song writer, and lyricist. For me, he is the best of his time.

So tomorrow, will be the end of a amazingly long wait. I saw them couple of times in 2006, but that show in Montreal is VERY special. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if the band will play longer. But I know one thing. The crowd is going to be AMAZED and AMAZING! THey have no clue of what will strike them tomorrow. And I don’t thing the Gunners know what will strike them either. If there is a show to ttend on this tour, it is tomorrows show in Montreal. For all those reasons. It will be the best show in Montreal since a long long time, if not the BEST.

I don’t know if Axl knows how happy he made me, and Montrealers. WE ARE HAPPY AXL! We can’t thank you enough to come back here, 18 years after, and fix what have been broken for some people. But for me, nothing broke. It will just be the time to show you that some of us never went away from you after the riot. Some things in life we can’t control, and in August 1992, it was one of those nights. Tomorrow, it will be again “ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS”, but for some completely different reasons.

May we be as good for you tomorrow night as you are with us for coming back here 18 years later.

The lights will go out tomorrow night, and all the hard feelings will completely disapear!

Axl, Ron, Richard, DJ, Frank, Dizzy, Chris & Tommy, I want to personnally thank you all for making that night a memorable one!


MONTREALERS!!!!!!! GUNS N ROSES IS HERE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Jarmo from HTGTH for the picture of DJ Ashba


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