Quick question

I just wanted you to tell me when and where did you first heard a Guns n Roses song.

And if you saw Guns n ROses live, where is the first time you saw them?

As for me, I first heard Guns n Roses going to pick up a girl I like back when I was young.  I didn, t have a car, so my best frine then braught me.  And he pulled out that cassette and asked me:  Did you ever listebn to them?  I was hooked right away.

As for the 1st show I attended, it was on March 17th, 1988, opening for Iron Maiden.  I attended couple of them since then.

And you?


8 responses to “Quick question

  1. I have heard for the first time Guns because they had my older brother.
    My brother despised them because he was a man epic metal uncompromising.
    At that time I listened to the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones.
    A girl I liked had drawn over the jeans with the logo of the guns.
    One day I stole Lp Appetite for Destruction on my big brother fascist.
    Was thus that I became fond with guns n roses.
    Appetite for d. with Finger Stiky are my two favorite albums of all time
    Hello and Happy New Year


  2. First song i have heard is You Could Be Mine in 91 to Musique Plus for Terminator 2.

    First gnr show: november 18, 2006 😉

  3. EKKKKK ive never seen them live but the frist song i heard was welcome to the jungle i was with a friend and we were going to go eat pizza up at a lake in northen Az altho i want to see them if they comw to the USA!!!!!!!!! AZ BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hard to tell babe! Well…Right now Im 17 years old…when I was 13 I used to love motley crue..Well, One day in da CD shop I saw “greatest hits” by GnR..I already heard of them..but just in rock news, My friend told me that If i like motley..probably I can fall in love with GnR. I heard them and I was in love since the fisrt time I heard them..well..Im still in love with GnR since Im 13. That was the beginning of my bad obsession haha.
    The first song I heard was welcome to the jungle…but I trully love nightrain so baaaad.
    The first time I saw them was ..am…June 5 of 2007? Yeah I think so.
    And Im still waiting a new concert in Mexico city!!!

  5. I don’t remember how old I was but I remember THE video that made me LOVE GnR : Paradise City. OMG, I was hooked right away… I was a young teen and never got to see a show, because my dad wouldn’t let me go.

    When they came to Quebec in 2006, couldn’t go either (but not because my dad said so, hey I’m old now, lol). Someday, I knew that I would see them in Montreal.

    AND HERE THEY COME, January 27th 2010! I just can’t wait! 🙂

  6. Probably more than you wanted to know. I wrote this about a year ago.

    In 1987 I was 13 years old and CD’s were a big deal to me at the time. Cassettes and vinyl where how most people still listened to their music, or at least the people I knew and hung out with. My friends and I all said that you shouldn’t by a album on CD unless (1) It was a classic album or (2) It was something that was of the utmost musical quality which made it necessary to play on a format as superior as a CD. Probably the most significant factor though for a 13 year old was that they were a few dollars more than a cassette.

    There defiantly weren’t many car CD players around at the time and the ones I did encounter would skip like hell when you’d hit the tiniest little bump. I remember when one of my older friends got a home player and we all rode our bikes over to his house to stand around with our jaws dropped to the floor listening to Dire Straits- “Money for Nothing” cranked up to 11, and we’d pass the actual CD around and stared at it in amazement with all those rainbows gleaming off it. That friend soon bought a car player and his brother ridiculed him for it to no end. “ You fucking dumb ass, you know how annoying it’s going to be with that fucking thing skipping all the goddamn time!” And that turned out to be true. There are a lot of train tracks in Bakersfield.

    The first album I bought on CD was AC/DC -Black and Black. I was beginning to acquire a small collection of CD’s I had maybe 4 or 5. But it was when I bought Guns n’ Roses- “Appetite for Destruction” on CD that one of my other friends gave me similar shit for it. “ Why did you buy that trashy fuckin’ bands album on CD, what a waist of fuckin’ money!”

    People that know me know what a GNR fan I am. Appetite for Destruction holds a lot of memories for me. I saw the Welcome to the Jungle video and it scared me. It was so different form what I’d been reared on (Hindsight tells me it was the punk influence that I was unfamiliar with back then). I saw the video a few times and it got my attention but I didn’t take to it immediately. It wasn’t until one day at school my best friend at the time Mike Trotter was jumping off of things and singing Nightrain that made my ears stand up, go figure. He was on a block of concrete that all the rockers hung out at “Loaded like a freight train!” he sang and jumped off like a nutcase. I said, “What are you singing dude?” “Guns n’ Roses you know that band they’ve been playing on Headbangers Ball”. I made him sing it to me nonstop until I was able to go buy the CD. I went out and bought it on vinyl as well as CD, both covers the cross cover which Axl has tattooed on his arm and I now have as well and the Robert Williams painting. The latter of which hangs framed on my living room wall now.

    Another thing I want to hit on here is that Appetite marks the transition of analog to digital at least in my rock n roll sensibility it does. I think if that record had been recorded digital it wouldn’t be the same it has that warm anolog rock record that is just classic. I’ve been listing to the CD for a long time now giving the vinyl a needed rest. But I put it on not too long ago and it was a nice change to hear it heard as it should be. It was more like someone telling me a story than a list of songs played one after the other how CDs seem to come across. Yeah there can be a beginning middle and an end on a CD. But come on its not the same thing now is it? If you’re halfway through an album and it suddenly stops you need more and the tone of the last song is still ringing in your ears. A good record should pick up on side B with an appropriate song and lead you toward the finish. Paradise City’s rocking finale is the perfect place to go into My Michelle. Michelle has that dark quiet guitar in the beginning giving you a place to rest your head after that long finish on Paradise but then it kicks in with some of the roughest grit found on the album.

    And I just have to mention the infamous delayed guitar of Welcome to the Jungle. That sound I’ve heard a million times and it still chills me to the bone every time I here it. Its what I would imagine a moral wake up call to sound like. It comes on the radio a lot at work and anytime I hear it anywhere I always say, “ Oh shit, were all fucked now.” At work the guy standing near me will say “huh?” and I’ll just look at the radio and he will look confused for a second and go back to work. Then that howl, first you think its Axl then you think it’s the LAPD but it doesn’t matter. You just know you’re fucked.

    I could go on and on and say something about each song and what they mean to me but that’s another story. I have a lot to say out GNR. When hanging out with people I catch myself having to stop myself from wearing out everybody’s ear with Guns n’ Roses talk. I don’t want to be that annoying guy that wont stop talking about one certain band because I certainly could be that guy.

    I believe I was the perfect age when Appetite came out, 13. I had just entered adolescence entered jr. high and started having girlfriends and wanted everybody to know I was there and even hate me in the most health possible way, if that’s at all possible. GNR was the perfect band for what was going on inside my head back then. They were volatile, I didn’t know much about punk at the time unfortunately (new wave is what I thought punk was, and that did nothing for me back then) so they were like my punk band. They seemed dangerous, like the little schoolgirls might end up pregnant just by having the album and posters in their bedrooms. Kind of like that The Misfits song, Teenagers From Mars, where Danzig belts out “WE INSEMINATE YOUNG LITTLE GIRLS IN THE MIDDLE OF WET DREAMS!”

    The music I was listing to and identified with the most before GNR had pretty much already happened, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Kiss. Not to say that these bands were washed up or anything like that but just their big introduction to the world had come and gone, they weren’t new.

    To have a band that strikes a cord in you at that particular time in your life and continues to throughout your life is something that you just can’t make happen for yourself. To have the birth of any of these bands mentioned above be a part of your adolescent history is something very cool. I doubt many kids today will be writing something like this about whatever new band there into today 21 years form now.

    I still remember even though they had just hit the air waves there was the constant wandering if there was still going to be a band tomorrow. There was a new rumor everyday of them splitting up, jail, overdose. Which only fueled the fire. It was like maybe I was holding an apparition when I held their record in my hand, like I needed to take it all in while I still had it. At age 13 I picked up on that and I don’t know if any of my peers did.

    I hear people now talking about the next record of some new band and say “I can’t wait for their next album to come out.” With GNR I was sitting with my fingers crossed on edge hoping that there would be a band much less an album. Now 21 years later people are speculating and giving their theories on Chinese Democracy if it will ever come out or why it’s taking so long, I just sit here and laugh to myself…


  7. When my mother was pregnant with me, she would be jamming to GNR-Sweet Child O’ Mine. she said it was a wonder I didnt come out singing it..haha! I was raised on 80’s music. (Im only 21yrs old now). GNR is my favorite all time band. Axl is amazing artist. One day I hope I get the chance to attend a concert. USA misses Guns N’ Roses!!! (Especially PA!! haha hint hint )
    Lots of Love for Axl and the guys. There doing great <33

  8. AS you know my friend, I love to brag about seeing them twice in 2006: once at POP Bercy, Paris, France on June 22nd 2006 and in QUébec city in november 2006… As for the time I first heard them? I was still in high school but one night at a friends house chilling out… Just was hooked by mr brownstone!!!!

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