January 31st, 2010 Ottawa, ON @ Scotiabank Place

After another amazing show in Toronto….CIty of a losers soccer team, the GnR train is rolling up tomorrow in Ottawa.  Next stop will be in Quebec city where I am going.  Can’t wait!



As part of its bid to land a NHL franchise for Ottawa, Terrace Corporation unveiled the original proposal for the arena development at a press conference in September 1989. The proposal included a hotel and 20,500 seat arena, named The Palladium on 100 acres (0.40 km2), surrounded by a 500-acre (2.0 km2) mini-city, named “West Terrace.” The site itself, 600 acres (2.4 km2) of farmland, on the western border of Kanata, had been acquired in May 1989 by Terrace. The large site had previously been a possible location for a new home for the Central Canada Exhibition, but the Exhibition’s option on the property had expired.

The site was farmland and required a rezoning to proceed with construction. The then-City of Kanata supported the rezoning, but the provincial government and some local residents opposed the rezoning, forcing public hearings into the proposal by the Ontario Municipal Board. Rezoning approval was granted by the Board on August 28, 1991, with conditions. The conditions imposed by the board included a scaling down of the arena to 18,500 seats, a moratorium on development outside the initial 100-acre (0.40 km2) arena site, and that the cost of the highway interchange with highway 417 be paid by Terrace. A ground-breaking ceremony was held in June 1992 but actual construction did not start until July 7, 1994.

The two year period was used seeking financing for the site and interchange by Terrace Corporation. The corporation received a $6 million grant from the federal government, but needed to borrow to pay for the rest of the costs of construction. On August 17, 1993, Bruce Firestone, the Senators owner, was replaced by Rod Bryden, a former high tech tycoon, who assumed control of Terrace Corporation. Bryden managed to borrow enough to pay for the $188 million project[2] through a consortium of U.S. banks and Ogden Entertainment, but could not find financing for the highway interchange. Only after the provincial government provided a loan guarantee for the highway interchange financing did construction proceed.

The interior of the Scotiabank Place. Picture inset taken before a playoff game against the Buffalo Sabres.

Actual construction took 18 months, finishing in January 1996. The Palladium opened on January 15, 1996 with a concert by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. The first NHL game took place two days later, with the Montreal Canadiens defeating the Senators 3-0. On February 17, 1996 the name ‘Palladium’ was changed to the ‘Corel Centre’ when Corel Corporation, an Ottawa software company, signed a 10-year deal for the naming rights.[3]

When mortgage holder Covanta Energy (the former Ogden Entertainment) went into receivership in 2001, Terrace was expected to pay off the whole debt. The ownership was not able to refinance the arena, eventually leading to Terrace itself declaring bankruptcy in 2003. However, on August 26 2003, billionaire businessman Eugene Melnyk finalized the purchase of the Senators and the arena.[1] The arena and club became solely owned by Melnyk through a new company, Capital Sports Properties.

In 2004, the ownership applied to expand its seating. The City of Ottawa amended its by-laws in December 2004 and in 2005, the venue was allowed to increase its seating capacity to 19,153 and total attendance to 20,500 when including standing room.[1][4]

Also in 2005, the arena became home to the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, with a display on the second-floor concourse. Information of over 200 inductees is detailed on individual plaques. The exhibit display had previously been located at the Ottawa Civic Centre since 1967.[5] The space is donated by Scotiabank Place.

On January 19, 2006, the arena became known as ‘Scotiabank Place’ after reaching a new 15 year naming agreement with Canadian bank Scotiabank on January 11, 2006.[6][7] Scotiabank had been an advertising partner with the club for several years and took over the naming after Corel declined to renew its naming agreement with the Senators, but continued as an advertising sponsor.

[edit] Location

Although widely acknowledged as a well-designed arena, it has been criticized in the years since construction for being difficult to reach. It is located in the far west-end of Ottawa, in the former city of Kanata, which puts it at a fair distance from some parts of the National Capital Region, especially from the east-end of Ottawa or from the Outaouais region. Difficulties are compounded by frequent traffic congestion at game time along the Queensway (417) highway, Palladium Drive and Terry Fox Drive. Another problem is the isolation of the arena from many restaurants and bars, which makes it difficult for celebrations to continue naturally after the game as in many other more centrally located arenas.

[edit] Notable events

  • April 6, 2003 – The Juno Awards were held at Scotiabank Place, hosted by Shania Twain. The Awards ceremony was the final event in the “Juno Weekend” series of events in Ottawa.
  • June 2, 2007 – The venue hosted its first Stanley Cup Finals match when the Senators hosted the Anaheim Ducks and won 5-3. This game recorded an attendance of 20,500.
  • May 1, 2008 – Scotiabank Place hosted The Police, who were giving a concert on their 2008 tour.
  • June 1, 2009 – Scotiabank Place hosted the pianist duo of Elton John and Billy Joel, who were giving a concert on their 2009 tour. The audience attendance was 18,000, including standing room.
  • Metallica played for a record capacity crowd for a concert at Scotiabank Place, for just under 20,000 people on November 3, 2009.

[edit] Facilities

Scotiabank Place has facilities for ice hockey and basketball, games which are held regularly. Scotiabank Place has also hosted indoor lacrosse. Scotiabank has different configurations for concerts, with full and half arena seating arrangements. The building has six restaurants and a fitness club. Most of the restaurants are only open on game days. The Ottawa Senators operate a merchandise store next to the east entrance.

Scotiabank’s seating is in three levels, 100, 200 and 300, which are fixed sections surrounding the arena floor. The levels start with the 100 or ‘club’ level closest to the ice surface rising further up and away to the 300 level.There are suites in the 100 level and at the mezzanine level which is above the 300 level. There is a restaurant opening onto the 300 level at one end of the arena, and there is a low-price area in the 300 level at the other end, which doesn’t allow alcohol. The 100 level has its own concourse while levels 200 and 300 share a concourse. The Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame exhibit is on the 200/300 level concourse. The mezzanine level is only reachable by elevator.


January 28th, 2010 Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre

great show in Montreal last night.  Had lotsa fun!  My review will be posted tomorrow.  I am still working on it.

Tonight it’s in Toronto.  A boring city with a shit hockey team, and an even shittier soccer team!!  🙂  (had to say it)


  1. Chinese Democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It’s so easy
  4. Mr. brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Better
    Richard solo
  7. Live and let die
  8. If the world
    Dizzy solo
  9. Street of dreams
  10. Rocket queen
  11. Catcher in the rye
    D.J. Ashba solo
  12. Sweet child o mine
    Axl piano solo
  13. November Rain
    Ron solo (Pink Panther)
  14. You could be mine
  15. Knockin’ on heaven’s door
  16. Nightrain
    – Rappel –
  17. Shackler’s revenge
  18. Madagascar
  19. This I love
  20. Paradise city

The Air Canada Centre (ACC) is a multi-purpose arena located on Bay Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL), the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the Toronto Rock of the National Lacrosse League (NLL). It was also home to the Toronto Phantoms of the Arena Football League (AFL) during their brief existence. The arena is popularly known as the ACC or the Hangar (the latter nickname coming from its sponsorship by Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada). The ACC is the 11th busiest arena in the world.[1]

From its initial design to completion, it revolutionized many concepts now included in new arenas and stadiums such as luxury suites accessible on the ground floor, splitting the main scoreboard into several sections, rotating all sponsor signage in the bowl at once (to allow dominant messaging), and multiple restaurants in and out of the main arena bowl view.

The arena is owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., the same group that owns both the Leafs and Raptors, and is 665,000 square feet (62,000 m²) in size. Air Canada Centre is connected to Union Station and the underground pedestrian PATH system, providing easy access to public transportation (TTC’s Union subway station and GO Transit) for fans attending events. There are also 13,000 parking spaces within immediate walking distance.




[edit] History

Raptors Game. (2006-07)

The Air Canada Centre was started by the Toronto Raptors under its initial ownership group headed by Canadian businessman John Bitove. The groundbreaking was performed in March 1997.

While construction was in progress, the Raptors and their partially-completed arena were purchased by MLSE. Prior to this development, the Maple Leafs had been contemplating building their own arena to replace the aging Maple Leaf Gardens. MLSE subsequently ordered major modifications to the original design, which was basketball-specific, such that the arena become more suitable for hockey.

The site was once occupied by the Canada Post Delivery Building. The current building retains the striking Art Deco façades of the east (along Bay Street) and south (Lake Shore Boulevard) walls of that structure, but the rest of the building (facing Union Station) was removed to make room for the arena, through the process of facadism.

The 15-storey tower on Bay Street stands at 55 metres and provides connections in the atrium to Union Station, Bay Street, and York Street (via Bremner Boulevard).

[edit] Games and events

Preparing for the National Anthem at the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener.

The first Maple Leafs home game took place on February 20, 1999 versus the Montreal Canadiens, won by the Leafs 3-2 on an overtime goal by Steve Thomas. The first Raptors game took place the following night versus the Vancouver Grizzlies. The Raptors won 102-87 in front of a sell-out crowd. The Tragically Hip performed the first concert at the venue the following night.[2] The facility hosted the 2000 NHL All-Star Game and the championship game of the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. In 2003, the Liberal Party of Canada held their convention at the ACC.

The centre has hosted many World Wrestling Entertainment events over the years. In 2004 it hosted WWE SummerSlam 2004. In 2006, it hosted WWE Unforgiven 2006 headlined by Toronto native Edge against John Cena. It has also hosted many WWE Raw, ECW, and WWE SmackDown! tapings. The Air Canada Centre also featured World Championship Wrestling’s first-ever WCW Monday Nitro telecast from Canada, on March 29th, 1999.

The Toronto Rock also moved to the ACC from Maple Leaf Gardens for the 2001 NLL season. The Rock’s first game was a 17-7 win over the Ottawa Rebel on December 21, 2000.[3]

On October 3, 2003, the ACC had a power outage during the third quarter of a Raptors pre-season game against the Greek club Panathinaikos. The game was called a final, because the power was not restored in time, and Toronto already had a thirty-point lead.

Bon Jovi held the record for having played the most shows in the Air Canada Centre during one tour. On their 2007-2008 Lost Highway Tour, they played five shows in Toronto. They were breaking their own earlier four-night record at the ACC that tied with U2, the Spice Girls and The Police.[4]

[edit] Future developments

Outside of Air Canada Centre in 1999.

In late 2005, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment announced that they would be renovating the western side of the Air Canada Centre during the 2008 off-season, to connect it with the future Maple Leaf Square development. Maple Leaf Square is jointly owned by MLSE, Cadillac Fairview and Lantera Developments. The $500 million development will include two restaurants, Hotel Le Germain at Maple Leaf Square boutique hotel, extensive retail shopping including a 9,000-square-foot (840 m2) Leafs, Raptors, and Toronto FC store, two 54-storey condominiums, a Longo’s supermarket, a High-Definition broadcast studio, and a public square. It is slated for completion in 2009-2010.[citation needed

Montreal review

Damn!…I have been working on my Montreal review for quite a while now.  But it just doesn’t seem to be good.  I don’t know what to say to you guys.  You probably heard all about the reviews from around Canada.  Well put it 100 times better than the reviews.

That concert WAS FABULOUS!  From A to Z.

I can’t do a review of something like that.  For me, you gotta see it to beleive it.  TRULY AMAZING!

No words will describe it better than that.  THere is no use of writing a log review for a show that good.


January 27th, 2010 Montreal, QP @ Centre Bell

Like I said on the last post, THIS WILL BE AN AMAZING NIGHT.  I CAN FEEL IT!

So for those of you who don’t know the Bell centre, here it is.  Let’s rock it tonight.  I WILL BE THERE.  My complete review tomorrow night, or right after the show, if I am not too tired….


  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It’s so easy
  4. Mr. brownstone
  5. Sorry
    Richard solo
  6. Live and let die
  7. If the world
  8. Better
    Dizzy solo
  9. Street of dreams
  10. You could be mine
    D.J. Ashba solo
  11. Sweet Child O’ Mine
  12. I.R.S
    Axl piano solo
  13. November Rain
    Ron solo
  14. Knockin’ on heaven’s door
  15. Out ta get me
  16. Patience
  17. Shackler’s revenge
  18. Nightrain
    – Rappel –
  19. Madagascar
  20. Scraped
  21. This I love
  22. Paradise city


The Bell Centre is located in Downtown Montreal, on the corner of the avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal and De la Montagne street. It is easily accessible by public transportation, linked to both Lucien L’Allier and Bonaventure metro stations, as well as to the Greater Montreal commuter train network, Agence métropolitaine de transport. It is also connected to the underground city. The Bell Centre is well located due to its very close proximity to a vast array bars and restaurants.

[edit] Arena information

The building covers an area of 1.568 hectares (15,680 square metres, 168,778 sq. ft). It is located in downtown Montreal and is across the street from the 1250 René-Lévesque skyscraper and next door to Windsor station. It has a seating capacity of 21,273, making it the largest National Hockey League (NHL) arena. It also holds four restaurants, the most popular being La Cage aux Sports, which is one of the largest sports restaurants/bars in Montreal.[3]

Capacities of the Centre are:

The public address announcer for the Canadiens’ games is Michel Lacroix, while Charles Prévost-Linton sings the national anthems.

A new Daktronics scoreboard was installed prior of the 2008-2009 season. The new scoreboard is the biggest in the NHL.

[edit] Seating

The Bell Centre is arranged in a three-tier layout: The lower 100 section, commonly referred to as “the reds” since these seats are painted red, the 300 section rows AA-FF, also known as the white section, the middle part between the whites and the blue section is known as the grey section, also the 300 section, rows A-D and lastly, the 400 section is the blue section consisting of rows A-D.

The 200 section is known as Club Desjardins is between two levels of private and corporate boxes. However, tickets are sold for this section at a higher price than for seats closer to ice level because free food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided.

The ends of the 400 section are further divided into two more groups. At one end is the Molson Ex Zone, known to be the loudest section in the arena, and is commonly where chants begin. At the opposite end is the Family Zone, featuring lower ticket prices for children.

The grandstands rise very sharply, meaning that everyone has a great view, even if a tall spectator happens to be sitting in front of you.

[edit] Interior

The interior of the Bell Centre is themed heavily by the Montreal Canadiens. Team photographs from every season can be found throughout, as well as bronze busts of famous players.

[edit] Events

Inside the Bell Centre before a hockey game.

The final two games of the three-game 1996 World Cup of Hockey championship series were held at the Bell Centre (the USA won both games, defeating Canada in the series 2–1). The Bell Centre was also host to two pool games in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. The Bell Centre was the host of the 2009 NHL All-Star Game and hosted the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

The Bell Centre has also held several WWE events, including the 1997 Survivor Series, where the infamous Montreal Screwjob took place, as well as other pay-per-views including 2003 No Way Out. The arena hosted Breaking Point on September 13, 2009.

The Bell Centre was the venue of the first UFC event (UFC 83) to take place in Canada on April 19, 2008. The show was headlined by a rematch between Welterweight champion Matt Serra and Montreal native Georges St-Pierre. The tickets available to the public sold out in under one minute, and the event set the all time UFC attendance record. The Bell Centre was also host to UFC 97 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 18, 2009 where the pound for pound king and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva defended his belt against fellow Brazilian Thales Leites in a lackluster performance which was won by Anderson Silva via unanimous decision.

The Bell Centre is also the primary concert venue for major performances. Most shows put on by big acts visit the arena unless they require more room than is available in a hockey rink-sized facility; in which case the Olympic Stadium is used, or less frequently, Parc Jean-Drapeau.

[edit] Records/Celine Dion

Concerts by Celine Dion for August 15 and 16, 2008 were sold out within six minutes. The next day, Dion’s management added two more concert dates on August 18 and 20, 2008. A further seven dates were added bringing the total to 11 shows and 246,000 spectators. She set a record in the history of Canadian concerts when all eleven shows sold out within an hour. By her eleventh concert she would have played the Bell Centre 31 times since 1996 [4]. The Montreal concerts grossed just over $30 million, making it one of the biggest concert events held at any arena in the world.

Montreal Canadiens home games have been consistently sold out since January 2004[5]. Additionally, the Canadiens have among the top attendance figures in the NHL. For the 2008-2009 season, the Habs had the second highest attendance, second only to the Chicago Blackhawks.[5]

Bon Jovi performing at the Bell Centre in 2007

[edit] Retired jerseys

The following numbers have been retired by the Canadiens (positions in parentheses) and hang from the rafters:

Happy times for me and Montrealers!

Wow. Here is the time we all been waiting for. After 18 years, Guns n Roses will finally be playing in Montreal. You guys can’t really feel how I feel right now. Yes probably some of you do, but for the most part, you don’t. I was there 18 years ago at the Olympic stadium. I was in the crowd that was SO pissed off. But hey….who am I to judge the way entertainers feel some random night?

I was 19 year old. I went with my then girlfriend to the show. Excited like a motherfucker, I arrived at the stadium so fucking pumped, but sooner than later, realized that it was gone. The feeling I felt that moment the lights went on was unforgettable. I never forgot that feeling I had. I was pissed, saddened and felt abandoned. Before that night, I saw them in 1988 opening for Iron Maiden at the Montreal Forum. So in 1992, it was THE moment I was waiting for for so long. Everything went wrong that night. EVERYTHING.

After the show, I walked 10 miles accompanied by my girlfriend at the time. I was crying like a baby all those 10 miles. When I arrived home, I listened to the news all night long from the radio. Cause at the time, 24 hours news channel didn’t exist here in Quebec. So I was listening to the radio, and felt betrayed. I don’t think I can explain exactly the feeling I had.

But my love for the band didn’t went down a bit. It grew even more on me. For some people, Mozart is a brilliant composer. For others, Johann Sebastian Bach is. But for me, Axl Rose is. Axl ROse is a brilliant composer, song writer, and lyricist. For me, he is the best of his time.

So tomorrow, will be the end of a amazingly long wait. I saw them couple of times in 2006, but that show in Montreal is VERY special. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if the band will play longer. But I know one thing. The crowd is going to be AMAZED and AMAZING! THey have no clue of what will strike them tomorrow. And I don’t thing the Gunners know what will strike them either. If there is a show to ttend on this tour, it is tomorrows show in Montreal. For all those reasons. It will be the best show in Montreal since a long long time, if not the BEST.

I don’t know if Axl knows how happy he made me, and Montrealers. WE ARE HAPPY AXL! We can’t thank you enough to come back here, 18 years after, and fix what have been broken for some people. But for me, nothing broke. It will just be the time to show you that some of us never went away from you after the riot. Some things in life we can’t control, and in August 1992, it was one of those nights. Tomorrow, it will be again “ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS”, but for some completely different reasons.

May we be as good for you tomorrow night as you are with us for coming back here 18 years later.

The lights will go out tomorrow night, and all the hard feelings will completely disapear!

Axl, Ron, Richard, DJ, Frank, Dizzy, Chris & Tommy, I want to personnally thank you all for making that night a memorable one!


MONTREALERS!!!!!!! GUNS N ROSES IS HERE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Jarmo from HTGTH for the picture of DJ Ashba

January 25th, 2010 London, ON @ John Labatt Centre

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. It’s So Easy
04. Mr Brownstone
05. Sorry
06. Better
07. Richard Fortus guitar solo
08. Live And Let Die
09. If The World
10. Dizzy Piano Solo
11. Street of Dreams
12. Scraped
13. Rocket Queen
14. DJ Ashba Solo
15. Sweet Child O’ Mine
16. Axl Piano Solo (Asshole Song/Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
17. November Rain
18. Bumblefoot Solo
19. You Could Be Mine
20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
21. Shackler’s Revenge
22. Patience
23. Nightrain
24. Madagascar
25. This I Love
26. Paradise City

The John Labatt Centre is a sports-entertainment centre in London, Ontario, Canada — the largest such centre in southwestern Ontario.

The John Labatt Centre, usually referred to as the “JLC”, opened on October 11, 2002. It is named after John Labatt, founder of the Labatt brewery in London. Labatt still has a large brewery in London to the present day, although its head office was moved to Toronto in the early 1990s.

The JLC was built, in part, to be the new downtown home of London’s Ontario Hockey League team, the London Knights, replacing the 40-year-old London Ice House in the south end of the city, near Highway 401.

January 24th, 2010 Hamilton, ON @ Copps Coliseum

After couple of days off, Guns n Roses will be banging hard in Hamilton tomorrow night.  The more time passes by, the more the Montreal concert is coming near.  I really can’t wait.  It will be a blast.  Like I said couple of weeks back, some asshole journalist started telling stupidities in today’s newspaper.  I won’t mention who it is, and won’t mention what he said.  Cause it would give him too much credit.  He just deserve being ignored.

So tomorrow, they will play in Hamilton, at the Copps coliseum.  So for those of you who wants to know where it is etc, here it is:


  1. Chinese Democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It’s so easy
  4. Mr. brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Better
    Richard solo
  7. Live and let die
  8. If the world
  9. Shackler’s revenge
    Dizzy solo
  10. Street of dreams
  11. There was a time
  12. Rocket Queen
  13. You Could Be Mine
    D.J. Ashba solo
  14. Sweet Child O’ Mine
  15. Another brick in the wall (Axl sings and play piano)
    Axl piano solo
  16. November Rain
    Jam on a Gran Torino song
    Ron solo (Pink panther)
  17. Scraped
  18. Knockin’ on heaven’s door
  19. Nightrain
    – encore –
  20. Madagascar
  21. This I love
  22. Paradise city

It was started at 1983 and was completed in 1985 at a cost of $33.5 million, and an additional $2.3 million for a parking garage. The construction was overseen by local Hamiltonian, Joseph Pigott.[1]

The scoreboard clock was originally from the Winnipeg Arena, purchased for $214,000. Although it was not brand new, the scoreboard clock met the needs of Copps Coliseum.

While Copps Coliseum was built in the hope that Hamilton could draw an NHL franchise, for the past 12 seasons, beginning in October 1996, Copps Coliseum has been home to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the American Hockey League. The Bulldogs, the top affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers (1996–2002) and the Montreal Canadiens (2002–present) have brought over 2 million fans to Copps Coliseum, and are the longest serving pro hockey team in Southern Ontario, aside from the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bulldogs are the sole primary tenant in the facility. On Thursday June 7th, 2007 the Hamilton Bulldogs won their first Calder Cup Championship in franchise history at home in Copps Coliseum by defeating the Hershey Bears.

In 1986, the World Junior Hockey Championships were held in Southern Ontario, with Copps Coliseum used as the primary venue. In the decisive game, the Soviet Union defeated Canada 4-1.

In 1987, the arena was the primary host for the Canada Cup ice hockey tournament and was the site of Mario Lemieux‘s famous goal that beat the Soviets 6-5 in the decisive game. It hosted a number of games in the Canada Cup again in 1991 when Canada defeated USA in the finals.

On January 24, 1988, the arena hosted the World Wrestling Federation’s first ever Royal Rumble. The Rumble was won by Jim Duggan.

In 1990, Copps Coliseum hosted the Memorial Cup. The tournament that year recorded the highest attendance for any single Memorial Cup game, on May 13, 1990 at 17,383 spectators. In that same championship game, the Oshawa Generals defeated the Kitchener Rangers by a score of 4 to 3 in double overtime on a goal by Bill Armstrong.

Though the Coliseum has never been able to attract a full-time NHL tenant, it did host a number of regular-season neutral-site games in 1992–93 and 1993–94. Most of these games featured either the nearby Toronto Maple Leafs or Buffalo Sabres.

In 1994, the Coliseum was one of the homes to the FIBA World Basketball Championships, along with Maple Leaf Gardens and SkyDome. From 1995-96 to 1997-98, the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association played six home games per season at the Coliseum (while using SkyDome as their primary home, and while the Air Canada Centre was under construction).

On September 27, 1998, the arena hosted another WWF event called Breakdown: In Your House.

In 2007, from March 3 to March 11, Copps Coliseum hosted the Tim Hortons Brier, the annual Canadian men’s curling championship. The coliseum will be hosting the West 49 Canadian Open, from September 20 to October 1.

In 2007, Waterloo billionaire Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in Motion, made an offer to purchase the Nashville Predators for $220 Million US. His intention was to move the team to Hamilton and either use Copps Coliseum as a temporary home while a new state-of-the-art arena could be built, or to renovate Copps to bring it up to modern NHL standards. The bid was ultimately unsuccessful.

In 2008, it was announced that the Golden Horseshoe would be bidding for the 2015 Pan-Am Games, which would mean the venue would likely be part of the venue plan for the Games. On February 18th 2009, Copps Coliseum was identified as the proposed site for the volleyball competition for the Games.

In the spring of 2009, NHL franchise Phoenix Coyotes filed bankruptcy and Jim Balsillie immediately offered a rumoured $212.5 Million US, while stating he wanted to move the franchise to Southwestern Ontario.[2] Balsillie has applied for a lease option which, should the relocation succeed, would invoke a 20-year lease for the team to play at Copps Coliseum.[3][4]

On May 9th, 2009, the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator and others reported that that Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger was to meet with a second group interested in securing a lease. The group, led by Vancouver businessmen Tom Gaglardi and Nelson Skalbania, is interested in securing an interest in the Atlanta Thrashers and moving them to the Coliseum for the 2010-11 NHL season.[5]

Also on May 9, 2009 the Thrasher’s VP and GM Don Waddell had this to say to the AJC: “There is no truth to it… We are not a movable franchise. I have talked to our owners, and no one has had contact with any group.”

And he also had this to say to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN:

“I have spoken to our owners again today on this subject,” said Waddell. “The Atlanta Thrashers hockey club is a vital part of the Atlanta area. We also own the Atlanta Hawks and have controlling interest in a 99 year lease with Philips Arena. Our franchise is not available to be moved, we will continue to be part of this community for many many years.”

On May 13, 2009 The Canadian Press reported on TSN.ca that Balsillie won the exclusive rights to Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum until November after a unanimous vote by Hamilton city council. On May 29, 2009, Balsillie unveiled his plans to renovate the Coliseum into a state-of-the-art facility in anticipation of a NHL franchise coming to Hamilton.[6] It’s hard to say when these renovations will come to fruition since Balsillie ultimately lost his bid to buy the Coyotes.

On August 20, 2009, pop superstar Britney Spears opened the second North American leg of her hugely successful world tour, The Circus Starring: Britney Spears, at the arena.

On August 14, 2009, American Idol LIVE! Tour 2009 hit Copps.