Montreal, january 27th 2010

Yes, you heard it right.  Guns n Roses are coming back to Montreal for the first time since the riot show that went on on August 8th 1992.  Almost 18 years after.  Let me tell you just one thing.  It is about time they come back.  Not because i didn’t see them since then (cause I did many times), but just to shut the trap of all the haters here in Montreal.  All the haters here in Montreal that talk STILL about that show that went on 18 years ago.

Some mad fans in the lot of course, but I am talking more importantly about journalists here.  Punk asses journalists.  People that don’t have life on their own, so they have to polute other peoples life.  Since 18 years, here in Montreal, some journalists (that probably became journalists because their music career sucked and of course their lack of musical talent) keep saying on and on and on how the concert ended, how the riot started, that was all Axl’s fault etc etc.  That Axl is no longer welcome here in Montreal.  That he is an has been, that he’s an egomanic, without knowing NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!  Without knowing Axl, without knowing his entourage, what he has in his head!

For 18 years i have been defending Axl and the gunners every single day, trying to convince people around me that Axl would come back and kick their ass (musically of course). Not that I wouldn’t want Axl to kick their ass physically…  😉

And now, that day has finally arrived.  Axl and the Gunners will come rock Montreal again, and prove to everybody that they still a major music act even 18 years later.  I have no doubt that they will prove it to us, the fans, and to  a major part of “journalists”.  Of course, some of them, when you mention Axl Rose, have some pimples growing up on their asses, but who cares about them? Leave them where they are, with their small miserable life.

On January 27th, Guns n Roses will come back in Montreal, and will kick our asses so hard, we will never forget that night.  I really hope and have NO doubts whatsoever that Axl and bunch will leave Montreal saying Mission accomplished.

We’ve been waiting for so long to see you guys come back, this time, Montreal will remember you for the good reasons.

In tokyo, they played their longest set ever?  Let’s hope in Montreal, they will destroy it again.  WE DESERVE!  (well, at least some of us)  🙂

And to all those opposed?  Hum…well….


One response to “Montreal, january 27th 2010

  1. EXcellent Laurent! Congrat for your blog… ANd yes, I’ll be there for sure, I can’t wait to see this show… finally it is happening. And GUnners, as Laurent says, leave us the memory of the longest best time of our life, EVER!! Cheers Ya’ll!!!

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