1st leg of the tour finished!

The long anticipated 1st leg of the Chinese Democracy world tour is now in the past.  It was only a mini 1st leg, since it was only 4 shows in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.  But what a GREAT 1st leg it was.  If you didn’t know already, our favorite Gunners pulled two AMAZING performance in the last 2 shows in Japan.  Both over 3 hours 30 minutes long, and the last one broke a record for the longest Guns n’ Roses show in their 23 years history.  3 hours and 37 minutes.  Is that AMAZING or what?

What can you ask more from this amazing band?

3 hours and 37 minutes of pure fucking rock and roll sounds almost unreal right?  Imagine sitting in the crowd, enjoying all the latest hits and past hits?  One after the other for over 3 hours and a half?  this is UNREAL!

I am so happy for the fans in Japan that got to see that amazing show.  I know couple of them, and I am sure they had plenty of fun…  After shows like these, just try to tell me that Axl Rose doesn’t want to conquer the world again?  After performances like these, people are going to talk about it, and most probably fill arenas all over the world.

All the band is due for a nice rest for the Hollidays, and then the second leg.  CANADA

I will attend 2 shows in Canada myself.  Quebec city and Montreal.  Yes, you got that right.  MONTREAL

Tomorrows blog will be about that specific concert in Montreal where nobody really knows what will happen.  Hope you guys will log in my blog to check what I have to say about that show.

See ya tomorrow!



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