Howdie! Guns N’ Roses fans!

Hey gnr fans.

you maybe know me from Myspace.

I find myspace very long to keep up with, and I wanna do something else to keep you updated.  So I will start this blog.  I will keep you updated with guns n roses stuff by this blog, and tell you sometimes what I think about the gnr world.  Don’t count on me to talk shit tho, and don’t count on me to let you spread lies and shit about them.  This blog is NOT a place for that.  If you don’t like Guns n’ Roses, this place is NOT for you.  If you don’t like the current line up, this place IS NOT FOR YOU!

This place is for fans, and for people that wanna keep up with the GnR world.

When I get news from websites, you will be informed of where I got those infos from.  Don’t worry.  I am not stealing nothing from nobody!

Guns n Roses fans should stick up, and bring the band to the top again, where it belongs!!!!

See you soon!



One response to “Howdie! Guns N’ Roses fans!

  1. Hellyeah! this is for fans, GnR is the best of the best, and for them who are opossed…well xD
    get in the ring right?
    GnR fuckin rulez!
    Latinamerica support

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